A sustainable art and design collective.

ArtAfif is named after the Afif area where the first studio was established in Damascus, Syria 1999. Now centrally located in Furn Al Shebbak area in Beirut, Lebanon, and it samples different projects surrounding the topic of sustainable design and social entrepreneurship. The team is an ever-growing team of inspired professionals, specialized in various art techniques such as architecture, sculpture, illustration, 3D graphics and motion-graphics design, and technicians.

The collaboration allows to go beyond a medium to incorporate various methods and techniques adding new dimensions to the concepts of sustainable design we realize in several projects. 

The studio is equipped with simple tools, other sophisticated ones most of it manufactured by the artists and they’re well connected to their neighborhood where they’re located. Most of the designs in the atelier are based on wasted materials that are found in big quantities in specific places around the city. 

ArtAfif is part of the urban life in the circle of production, consumption and reuse of resources.  

Upcycling Artafif, Beirut 2012

Beirut, Lebanon 2012
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