During the 90’s I studied and practiced computer animation and video editing. I have learned to use linear tape-to-tape video editing and analogue image switchers, later I moved to digital non-linear editing facilities, I have used (the now-very-old) platforms like Media100 and Speed Razor Targa2000Pro to edit BetaSP and the “then-new” DV/DVCam tapes, I have also managed to master a handful of tools beside the editing suites to help deliver my contents, like compositing, color grading, rotoscoping, tracking software as well as using Autodesk’s 3D Studio to create and animate 3D graphic elements. 

My name is Samer Ajouri, I am a content designer from Syria, currently living and working in France as (Update) full-time video journalist in the Arabic service at euronews network.

What I do

I create, edit and compose audiovisual contents, I use video editing programs like Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut and Balckmagic DaVinci Resolve. Although I use them all, I currently have the last one only; DaVinci Resolve, however, if you have a timeline that is built on one of the other-mentioned programs, I can do a transfer to Resolve’s timeline. It is not very complicated (only time consuming), and all NLEs do perform exactly the same.

I develop audiovisual video contents. I can push your content to another level, and by adding motion graphics, titles and do compositing and color-grading processes I can change and enforce or reinforce the message or the story and make sure it delivers correctly to the audience’s TV screens or the tiny telephone screens they might be using.

I edit, mix and finish the accompanying soundtracks of the timelines to make sure they blend with all visual contents, hence help delivering the story. I can use different DAWs, my most preferred is Waveform Tracktion, and I like Davinci Resolve, it is free and has all the necessary tools to record (voice-over, acoustic music.. etc), edit and finish audio for video production. However, if you have your audio tracks made or edited on other DAWs like ProTools, Logic or even Reaper , I sure can manage to transfer them honestly to the main editing timeline.

Programs I use

That was a list of the programs which I can use. However, I don't have most of these programs, I use free and open-source alternatives. 

For a list of the free programs I use, click here.

Other Services

Helping in making a website or web portal, I can design and create personal to small business websites based on WordPress modified structure, or google sites.. like my website. I write and edit simple server-side scripts using PHP and wrap it in a decent looking theme, using CSS3 and Javascript.

I don’t do Flash animation anymore nor I don’t still use ActionScript3, furthermore I am slowly abandoning JScript to CSS3 and HTML5, as these prove to be superior and they are receiving better support on all browsers.

I can also provide the needed visual elements for a website. However, all this can be carried out under one condition, the availability of contents, all of the necessary contents of the website which I am going to deliver.

What I don't do

Side, yet critical, notes

Although I am not a political activist, I do support the Syrian revolution and the right for freedom, dignity and justice for the Syrian people, and I do also support the civil society movement. I will not work for you if you support Assad or his regime or any other religious radical organizations and parties out there.

I decide if I want to be credited in your work or not.

If you intend to use any copyrighted contents in your project you will be the one responsible for all royalty issues and copyright management work, I really cannot help in that nor I can relate to it.