White and Black

Workers And a Truck

Construction workers having a brief break under the burning sun in Bahrain's central area of Rifaa, where the temperature was close to 46 degrees in the shade.. when a shade is available.

Rifaa, Bahrain 2008

Church Bowl

Silence, Silencio, Silenzio.. and other orders to be followed.

Barcelona, Spain 2014

Another Sunny Day in The City

An old man protecting himself from the heat of the sun using what appears to be official documents he sure was working on during the last couple of hours.

Aleppo, Syria 2010

Valley, Foggy Valley

Foggy Valley.

Qadicha Valley, Lebanon 2013

Musée Des Confluences

The roof of the museum of Lyon city in France: Musée des Confluences.

Lyon, France 2019


Multiple exposures actuated at night time.

Damascus, Syria 2011.


Dancers in Aleppo Citadel.

Aleppo, Syria 2010.

Houses On A Hill

I see every house, every house sees me...

Istanbul, Turkey 2011.


The entrance of the museum of Pont du Gard in France.

Pont du Gard , France 2019.

The Warrior Craw 

In a garden green, where sunlight plays,
A tiny craw, in a quiet maze.
Beneath the leaves, it takes a pause,
A sip of water, tiny claws.

With delicate grace, it bends so low,
To drink from droplets in a row.
Crystal beads on emerald blades,
A liquid feast, a quiet escapade.

Its thirst, a tale in whispers told,
As sunlight weaves in threads of gold.
A symphony of nature's hush,
As the craw takes a sip, a moment's lush.

In the garden's heart, a dance unfolds,
Between the leaves, where stories are scrolled.
A craw, so small, finds solace sweet,
In sips of water, a moment's treat.

Oh, tiny craw with ebony hue,
In this oasis, a dream come true.
With every drop, a life sustains,
A humble sip, where beauty reigns.

Istanbul, Turkey 2011.
Poem is randomly generated by ChatGPT.