Cars And Lights

Cars watching the city lights in one of Bahrain’s foggy nights.

Rifaa, Bahrain 2008

Tire Retire: A home where old tires retire.

Rifaa, Bahrain 2008

Car Leftovers

And for cars too..
for many cars have driven us too far..
they have forgotten where we are..
We know where are they;
they rest in here.. piecefully.

Rifaa, Bahrain 2008

Catacombs: Wake up the dying.. don’t wake up the dead.

Paris, France 2015

Postermation: Posters and information formation..

Istanbul, Turkey 2012.


Many are broken,
Many are open,
Some have scotch tapes and some have not.

Istanbul, Turkey. 2011

Colored Spikes

Pigeon.. or human repellent! yikes.

Collioure, France. 2015