Widows.. Windows

Windows in windows.. in windows,
they talk to each window,
they whine, they wean,
they fade, they lean..
they are widows,
they are windows.

Aleppo, Syria 2010


Cars cars cars.. yet more cars..

Rifaa, Bahrain 2007

Curvy Road

Here.. on this very curvy road,
the sky curves not.

Istanbul, Turkey. 2012

Under a Glass Moon

The seashore of Batroun, under a glass moon.

Batroun, Lebanon 2013

The Rest Of A City

Beirut is resting,
every part of her is very tired,
and her rest is resting too.

Beirut, Lebanon 2013

Mountains Behind The Vineyards

Nothing to write in here,

Balesta, France. 2015