The Tree Of Hope

As the crisis in Syria rages on, an entire generation of children is being shaped by violence, displacement, and a persistent lack of opportunity

Animated Promotion,
PlayFoundation, UNHCR Lebanon, 2014.

My Name is L

Ready to fight for her newfound voice, a young independent woman from Syria tells the story of her revolution.

Animated Short Film,

Estayqazat Lebanon, 2014.

The Boy And The Sea

The story did not begin with the worldwide TV snatched image of the Syrian child Elan, thrown on the Turkish shores by the waves, and it definitely did not end with it.

Short Animated Film,
Bidayyat, Lebanon/ Syria/ France 2016.

Catacombs of Paris


Piece Of City

Project ArtAfif


In-flight Entertainment

A set of illustrations for Hawar Center. In-Flight media promotional banners. Bahrain, 2008

Bahrain, 2008.


Time lapse, experimental video. Beirut, Lebanon 2012

Break, TV Intro, Syria 2005

Harmony Bébé, TV Commercial, Tunisia. 2002

Personal showreel. Bahrain 2009